Senator Jim Alesi and Assemblyman Mark Johns Announce State Grants for Library Construction Projects in Monroe County

James S. Alesi

May 08, 2012

Grant for East Rochester Public Library Supported by $14 million in Capital Funds for Public Library Construction

Senator Jim Alesi and Assemblyman Mark Johns announced today that the East Rochester Public Library has been awarded a New York State Public Library Construction Grant to help with construction and renovation projects.  The East Rochester Public Library will receive more than $275,000 for the reconstruction of the Eyer Building to house all East Rochester municipal offices, including the Library.  The local grant is among 192 construction grants awarded to public libraries and library systems throughout New York State, which are supported by $14 million in capital funds for public library construction provided in the 2011-2012 State Budget. 

"I am pleased that the East Rochester Public Library has been selected to receive $275,000 in funding through the State Public Library Construction Grant Program for needed construction and structural improvements to library facilities,” said Senator Alesi.  “I commend village and library officials for their hard work and determination to secure this important state money.  I am keenly aware of how valuable the services and resources available at local libraries, like East Rochester, are to students, professionals, researchers, and residents in Monroe County and surrounding counties.  Our libraries are a valuable resource and we should be doing all that we can to maintain and improve upon them.” 

“I am pleased that the State Public Library Construction Grant Program awarded the East Rochester Public Library more than a quarter of a million dollars for needed improvements,” said Assemblyman Johns.  “Local libraries play a critical role in the education of our community and I will continue to fight for state funding for East Rochester and all other branches in the 135th Assembly District.  As a former Town Board liaison to local libraries, I have seen the hard work and dedication displayed by everyone in our library system.”

New York’s public libraries are in urgent need of renovation and upgrading.  More than 40 percent of the over 1,000 public library building in communities across the state are over 60 years old.  Another 30 percent are more than three decades old.  Many of New York’s local public libraries are unable to accommodate users with disabilities, are energy inefficient, cannot provide internet and computer and other electronic technologies to users because of outdated and inadequate electrical wiring, and do not have sufficient space to house the library’s expanding collection, address the need for adequate meeting room, or provide for public access to computers. 

Besides the East Rochester Public Library, the Rochester Public Library was granted nearly $351,000 for phase III of the Rundel Restoration Project.  The renovation of the infrastructure will expand options for library programs and services, ensuring library operations for future generations.  More than $18,000 will be awarded to the Chili Public Library to demolish the existing office and build a new office to house additional shelving to increase space for materials, programming and children’s computing.  These grants are similar to the grant that most recently assisted in the construction of the new Mendon Public Library, officially opened last July.  The towns of Mendon and Chili are both in Senator Alesi’s district.