Senator James Sanders Jr. Helps Residents Practice Water Conservation With Rain Barrel Giveaway

James Sanders Jr.

June 24, 2018

Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Queens) joined the NYC Department of Environmental Protection to give away free rain barrels on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at Smokey Oval Park in Richmond Hill. 

“It was great to see so many residents taking advantage of our rain barrel giveaway in Richmond Hill,” Sanders said. “Reusing rain is a great way to save money on water bills and help the environment.”

Rain barrels capture storm water from your roof and store it for future uses like watering lawns or gardens. Conserving water saves money, helps the environment and reduces the burden on the city's drinking water system during the summer’s hottest days.

More than 200 of the green barrels were distributed. Each weighed about ten pounds and could hold 65 gallons of water. The barrels came with hook up instructions and a Universal Downspout Rain Diverter Kit.

To utilize the barrel, a piece of one’s roof gutter needs to be cut and inserted into the top of the barrel allowing for rain collection, while a hose would be attached to a hole at the bottom of the barrel so that the water can be re-used.