Senator James Sanders Jr. Opposes Supreme Court One-Two Punch; Decisions to Overturn NY Gun Law, Roe V. Wade

James Sanders Jr.

June 24, 2022

One-Two Punch
State Senator James Sanders Jr. said: "Barely has the smoke cleared from the Buffalo and Texas killings that the Supreme Court struck down New York's conceal and carry law, which requires applicants to provide proper cause to carry handguns in public. Under New York’s law, most people are granted "restricted" licenses to carry firearms for target shooting, hunting and outdoor activities.

In a decision that affects the entire nation, in a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court found the New York conceal and carry restrictions to be unconstitutional and to be in violation of the 2nd Amendment. Justice Clarence Thomas wrote: "We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need."

While that is true, I would argue that the constitution is open to interpretation and we must consider the climate in America today. I support the 2nd Amendment, however, think it’s safe to say that the forefathers never imagined that armed gun men would enter a church, school, supermarket or other public place an slay innocent victims for sport. Therefore, in light of the country we now live in where gun violence is on the rise, we need more regulations that are sensible (i.e. no gun until after age 21; federal background checks to weed out criminals and mentally ill - and therefore I vehemently oppose the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn New York’s gun law.

Goodbye Roe v. Wade  
In another alarming decision, which was just announced today, the Supreme Court dropped the last shoe on Roe v. Wade, ending 50 years of federal abortion rights. It will now be up to individual states to decide whether abortion would be legal in that locality. This is just going to create a proliferation of pro-choice people crossing state lines to have the procedure done where it is legal and available. However, some states may criminalize out-of-state travel to receive an abortion. Is this what it has come to, turning women into criminals or having them seek unsafe, backdoor, black market abortion procedures that could threaten their health. I support abortion as a last resort, not a first option. Birth control, including the most effective; abstinence, should be the first choice. I believe that when possible families should come together and speak with each other before their loved one chooses to have an abortion.

What’s Next?
I think that what we are seeing right now with the one-two punch of appealing conceal and carry and abortion is that we have begun down a slippery slope. What’s up next? LGBTQ rights? Black voting rights? Several states have laws making it harder for the black community to vote.

What Should You Do? 
People need to vote. We need to elect people and support policies that are in your best interests.

We have become comfortable with our freedoms and we think they are never going to be taken away, but as the saying goes, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

Mr. President, Here’s What You Can Do?
The impossible has now become possible. President Biden needs to act swiftly and pack the Supreme Court so that we have more seats, maybe 13 instead of 9, for moderate voices to battle the radical activists that serve on the court now.

Final Thoughts
Don’t go to sleep. The idea that someone else is smarter and better than you are and is going to do the right thing is a myth. American democracy is a big experiment and works best when the people involve themselves, when the people lead, otherwise, you will be led, and you will not like the place you will be led to.