Senator Sanders & Assembly Member Carroll Applaud DEC's Decision to Halt the Williams Pipeline & Introduce Legislation to Declare a Climate Emergency

James Sanders Jr.

May 23, 2019

(ALBANY, NY) - Longtime allies of environmental advocates, State Senator James Sanders Jr. and Assembly Member Robert Carroll jointly announced their support of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s decision to halt the Williams Transco Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (the Williams Pipeline). Following the decision, they have called for passage of S.5518-A in the State Senate and A.5399-B in the State Assembly.
The proposed legislation declares a climate emergency and places a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure projects and contracts in New York State, including power plants, pipelines, storage facilities and natural gas compressors, while protecting the safety of the existing energy infrastructure by allowing repair and maintenance of existing facilities.
“New York faces an existential climate, ecological, economic, and security emergency, threatening our municipalities, state, nation, and the world. Having rejected the pipeline and our continued reliance on outdated and polluting energy sources, New York State now has a great opportunity to pursue clean renewable energy in its stead.  It is time for the New York legislature to step up and present new leadership and to pass this legislation,” said Assembly Member Carroll.
“It is imperative that we protect our communities and our environment by ensuring that companies do not partake in any projects that have detrimental effects. Often times these projects can have lasting consequences that are irreversible or take generations to reverse. This is our chance to be proactive instead of reactive. Let us stop any damage to our environment from happening before it begins,” said Senator Sanders.
“As we embrace the opportunities a new energy infrastructure will provide for New York, the country, and future generations of the planet. I look forward to continue leading that effort with Senator Sanders and many of our colleagues in the legislature,” said Assembly Member Carroll
“I stand together with New Yorkers who are ready to adapt to the changing world in order to be resilient and ensure that our state is a national leader in the green economy. I thank Assembly Member Carrol for his support in this effort,” said Senator Sanders.