Senator Sanders Makes History by Voting Early and Encourages Others to Do the Same

James Sanders Jr.

November 01, 2019

Senator Sanders voted early at the YMCA and was joined by, Michael Ryan, the Executive Director of the NYC Board of Elections, fourth from right, and Michael Garcia, Executive Director of the Rockaway YMCA, fourth from left.

Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Rochdale Village, Far Rockaway) in cooperation with the NYC Board of Elections, today lead by example and voted early at his polling site location - the Rockaway YMCA. Senator Sanders was greeted warmly by constituents, poll workers and others as he cast his ballot and invited others to do the same.
“Voting is where America becomes real,” Sanders said. “Everyone can have their say, but ultimately it’s the citizens that  decide who goes to the White House and who goes to the dog house.”

This was a history making occasion as it was the first time ever that New Yorkers have been allowed to vote early.  
“This is one of the foundations of this great country and one the protections of this great country,” Sanders said, remarking on the voting process. “So if you are sitting around crying the blues, and not doing anything about it, then you’re wrong, then your non-vote is for whoever you don’t like. If you feel strongly about something, get out there and vote.”

New Yorkers' busy schedules often make it difficult to get to the polls and vote. That's why NYS Senator James Sanders Jr. passed a law to allow registered voters to vote in person before - Election Day - starting October 26 - at a designated early voting site.

Early voting works the same as voting on Election Day. Just show up at your early voting site, check in to receive your ballot, and cast your vote. 
“I’ve been to dozens of poll sites throughout the city and what I’m finding is, the voters are happy and the poll workers are happy, because we’re giving the folks an opportunity to vote, when it makes sense within their schedule,” said Michael Ryan, the Executive Director of the NYC Board of Elections, who joined Senator Sanders at the YMCA. “Early voting is about giving people options, not telling people who to vote for.”
“On behalf of the YMCA of Greater New York, we are advocates of early voting, and giving people options,” said Michael Garcia, Executive Director of the Rockaway YMCA. “We want to continue to strengthen communities.”

To find your early voting location, call 311 or visit:

NOTE: Your early voting location may be different from your normal polling site.

“Vote for the America you believe in, and you need to believe in this great country,” Sanders said. “I encourage everyone to vote early.”