Senator Sanders' Statement on Cuomo Resignation and Incoming Governor Kathy Hochul

James Sanders Jr.

August 10, 2021

State Senator James Sanders Jr. said: “I agree with the Governor’s decision to resign because as he said, and as I have been saying, that is what is in the best interest of the state. I have faith in our Lieutenant Governor, Kathy Hochul and her ability to be a great leader steering us through what will be tough times ahead especially with the Delta Variant of the coronavirus hitting the state. 

There are nearly a dozen women accusing the Governor of sexual misconduct and although he did admit that, he is perhaps too familiar (given today’s norms) with his staff, often hugging or patting women and men, he said it was not in a sexual manner. Ultimately, the true motivation and punishment for these actions has yet to be determined. To his credit, the Governor admitted that his actions were wrong; he apologized, and did not attempt to attack or discredit any of his accusers.

Perhaps, this is a teaching moment that times have changed. Personal space has expanded and must be respected, and what was considered acceptable banter, complimentary statements, or socially friendly behavior years ago has vastly changed.

I look forward to working with New York’s first female Governor -  Kathy Hochul. She has impeccable qualifications, having worked at all levels of government - Town Board Member, County Clerk, Congresswoman, and Lieutenant Governor. Let’s move ahead, onward and upward, New York Tough.”