Statement from Senator James Sanders Jr. on SCOTUS Draft Opinion of Overturning Roe v. Wade

James Sanders Jr.

May 03, 2022

Abortion rights supporters and anti-abortion demonstrators rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court on Nov. 1, 2021. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Senator James Sanders Jr. said: “I hoped the day would never come when Roe v. Wade would be overturned, taking healthcare decisions away from women and telling them what to do with their bodies. However, the recent preliminary Supreme Court opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade has shown that that day has arrived.

I would like to make three key points. First, the bible teaches us that we have free will, even though that does not guarantee we will make the right decision. Secondly, pro-lifers need to consider the quality of life a child will have to face once he or she is born – will it be one of poverty and neglect? Thirdly, a woman’s value should not solely be placed on her ability to become a mother.

I think while we all have different opinions on abortion for personal reasons and moral reasons, but we should not be pushing our views on others by making a unilateral decision that affects everyone. Fortunately, in New York the Senate Majority immediately codified Roe v. Wade into state law, allowing us to withstand any Supreme Court decision and Congress must do the same on the federal level."