Today - September 13, 2018 - Is Primary Day in New York State - Go Out and Vote!

James Sanders Jr.

September 13, 2018

State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-Queens) encourages all registered voters to cast their ballots today, September 13, 2018, and take part in shaping the future of New York State. You can make a difference!

There are more than 200 elected public offices up for grabs, including the Governor's Office. There are also many other races whose outcomes will decide the control of the state legislature and state Attorney General's Office. 

The results of these races will affect how state money is spent, how public schools are run and how the mass transit system is managed, among other key decisions. 

In New York City, polls will be open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. for all elections.

Click the link below to locate your polling site:

For more information on the candidates who are running in today's races, visit the website below:

Other important voting information can be found here: