Skoufis Announces Utility Relief Plan for 39th Senate District

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) has announced that the two major utility companies in the 39th Senate District, Orange and Rockland as well as Central Hudson, will completely waive late fees for customers impacted by the Coronavirus. This news comes following Skoufis’ outreach to both utilities.

Orange and Rockland is suspending any electric and gas service shut-offs involving customers having bill payment difficulties pursuant to an Executive Order from last week. Furthermore, they are suspending new late payment charges for all customers, suspending no access fees, suspending telephone and email collection notices, and suspending final bill collection agency activity.

Central Hudson in addition to suspending service terminations, they will waive late fees for customers impacted by COVID-19. Central Hudson asks that customers let them know they are financially impacted so the fees are held. 

Senator Skoufis said, “This is the time when the government must act, when leaders must fight like hell for their communities, and when corporations must take reasonable steps to put people before profits. If we’re asking people to stay home, the least we can do is ensure it’s a safe and functioning space for them; suspending utility fees when many residents and small businesses are experiencing financial hardship is essential so that families can keep the lights on, water running, and homes warm. I remain dedicated to doing everything I can to help our communities stay afloat during this pandemic and thank Orange and Rockland as well as Central Hudson for doing their part.” 

Senator Skoufis is committed to providing constituents with information and relief during this ongoing crisis. Most recently, Skoufis is leading the effort in Albany to provide an opportunity for small businesses to defer - without penalty - sales tax payments to the state.