Skoufis Delivers Significant MTA Wins for the Hudson Valley


Skoufis Delivers Significant MTA Wins for the Hudson Valley

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) announced that, for the first time in generations, the recently enacted state budget will hold the MTA accountable to taxpayers, its ridership, and the Hudson Valley. Skoufis was the principal negotiator on MTA issues for the west-of-Hudson Senate delegation and successfully fought to secure a number of important provisions:

  • A forensic audit to root out the waste, fraud, and corruption within the MTA. If there is criminality found, bad actors will go to jail. This is the first time the MTA will be subject to an independent, forensic audit.
  • The northern suburbs will receive 10% of the agency’s capital investments over the next five years; historically, the Hudson Valley has always received 8%. Our region will finally receive its fair share and major improvements will move forward in Orange and Rockland counties. Specific west-of-Hudson projects will be announced later this year.
  • The MTA used to get away with reporting a train “on time” if it came within six minutes of showing up when it was supposed to. No longer. It must now be within two minutes of its scheduled arrival.
  • The agency will be required to consolidate administrative offices that are duplicated across Metro-North, the Long Island Railroad, and New York City transit, resulting in a significant savings to taxpayers.


For drivers who commute into the city each day, we live to fight another day against congestion pricing double-tolling. A review board will include a voice from the northern suburbs and will be required to consider tolling credits for west-of-Hudson drivers who take a crossing on their way to work into the city, including the George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, and new Tappan Zee Bridge.

“I’m going to continue fighting like hell to make sure driving commuters aren’t double-tolled," said Skoufis. “In the meantime, this budget was a first-time win for the Hudson Valley MTA region. I've long fought to make sure Orange and Rockland counties get a fairer share of the MTA's resources, attention, and respect. This budget agreement is a major step in that direction. Moving forward, I will always hold the MTA accountable because they can't be allowed to continue treating the Hudson Valley like their ATM."