Skoufis Graffiti Clean-up Completed in Newburgh After One Month

After Clean-Up

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) announced that all the Central Hudson-owned utility poles and boxes with graffiti that his team identified in the City of Newburgh have been resolved just one month after securing the commitment from Central Hudson.

Over the summer, Skoufis’ team traveled throughout the city identifying locations with graffiti or tags on them. Skoufis then sent a list of each identified location to Central Hudson, one of the Hudson Valley’s largest utility providers, and asked that they commit to cleaning the sites up. 

In early October, Skoufis announced that he secured the commitment from Central Hudson. Just one month after securing the commitment, each location has been taken care of. The locations include utility boxes at Unico Park, 2nd Street, South Street, and Renwick Street. Boxes at all these locations had graffiti and/or stickers on them. 

"I'm delighted to report that Central Hudson has cleaned up these utility boxes and poles in a timely manner - each item on our list has been resolved within the past month,” said Senator Skoufis. “There are many ways advocacy from state government can be effective in improving our neighborhoods and I thank Central Hudson for being partners in this effort. I look forward to implementing more of these kinds of initiatives in our communities."

This is part of Senator Skoufis’ ongoing clean-up effort throughout his Senate District. Skoufis encourages his constituents to send photos of utility poles and boxes with graffiti or tags on them in their communities to his email:

Please see the attached before and after photos.