Skoufis Releases Legislative Session Statistics

More bills passed than any other freshman Senator


Skoufis Releases Legislative Session Statistics - More bills passed than any other freshman Senator 

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) released his legislative statistics from the 2019 session:

  • Skoufis introduced 143 bills, 59 of which passed the Senate, the most bills passed in the Senate among first-term senators, and third among all senators. 
    • 35 of Skoufis’ bills also passed the Assembly and will go to the Governor for signature. The 35 bills that passed both houses were the most for any freshman senator this year.
  • Skoufis co-sponsored 175 bills 
  • Skoufis had the second most independent voting record of any Democrat in the Senate.
  • Skoufis reignited the long-dormant Investigations and Government Operations committee and opened three investigations in six months: housing and code enforcement, pharmacy benefit managers, and public authorities compliance, including industrial development agencies
    • Skoufis has already released two comprehensive reports on the investigations into housing and code enforcement as well as pharmacy benefit managers.
    • Skoufis’ investigative team sent over 100 document requests to landlords, municipalities, pharmaceutical companies, and public authorities, including, industrial development agencies. 


“This legislative session was the most robust and active legislative session that Albany has seen in decades,” said Senator Skoufis. “I take this responsibility very seriously and it continues to be a privilege to work on behalf of the 39th District as a State Senator and as Chair of the investigations committee. I look forward to more legislative and investigative successes next session as I continue to fight for the Hudson Valley.” 

Eight of Skoufis’ bills that passed both houses were already signed into law by the Governor, including one signed earlier this month to ensure that anonymous limited liability companies disclose who their true owners are when purchasing or selling residential real estate.