Skoufis Secures $25,000 in Anti-Violence Funding for RECAP

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) has secured $25,000 to support anti-violence prevention programming by the Regional Economic Community Action Program (RECAP). Committed within the state’s 2021 budget in support of the Community Violence Intervention Act, the funding will enable RECAP to fight gun violence in local communities while complementing increased accountability for perpetrators of gun crimes.
“It takes a village to adequately respond to the threat of gun violence,” said Senator Skoufis, “and RECAP’s deep community connections make them an ideal partner in this fight. Their hands-on programming to prevent violence will help keep our neighbors, friends, and families safe in the years ahead.” 
RECAP is the state designated, not for profit anti-poverty human services organization addressing the social determinants of health through our community. Headquartered in Middletown with offices in Newburgh, RECAP serves children, seniors, veterans, those living with HIV/AIDS, individuals and families affected by domestic violence, folks struggling with substance use disorder, and anyone at or below the poverty line. RECAP works to empower people and communities challenged by poverty, racism, and social injustice by collaborating with public and private partners to provide high quality health and human services, education, advocacy, and hope.
“We thank Senator Skoufis for his on-going commitment to reduce gun violence in our community,” said RECAP CEO Charles Quinn. “RECAP’s comprehensive programming addresses the social determinants of health with safe communities being of paramount importance. SNUG, a public health approach to gun violence using credible messengers and mediation, is an important tool in reducing violence. We look forward to continuing this work and creating healthier, safer communities for everyone.”
As 2022 budget negotiations get underway, Senator Skoufis remains committed to directing anti-violence funding to communities in his district. He has long been a supporter of the SNUG gun violence prevention program, which RECAP oversees.