Skoufis Secures Funding to Implement SNUG Anti-Violence Program in Newburgh

Skoufis Secures Funding to Implement SNUG Anti-Violence Program in Newburgh

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) stood with local elected officials and members of the Regional Economic Community Action Program (RECAP) to announce $200,000 of funding he secured in the recently enacted budget to bring the SNUG program to the City of Newburgh. SNUG is a highly successful program utilized across the state with proven strategies to prevent shootings and violence within communities. RECAP will implement the SNUG program with the funding secured by Senator Skoufis.

“It is imperative that the City of Newburgh is empowered by programs like SNUG that share a mission of keeping community members safe,” said Senator Skoufis. “The state has long been missing in action when it comes to assisting the people of Newburgh with basic quality of life matters; residents have historically been left to fend for themselves. Those days are over and this anti-violence funding is the first of many steps I’ve taken to engage the state like it’s never been engaged before.”
“RECAP is thrilled to be able to bring the SNUG Program to the City of Newburgh,” said Charles Quinn, CEO of RECAP. “We thank Senator Skoufis for advocating for these monies. We look forward to partnering with the City of Newburgh Police Department to use this program to complement their GIVE Program and as another tool in a violence reduction model for the City. As Orange County’s anti-poverty program since 1965, RECAP works to improve the lives of our neighbors and create safe, healthy communities and the SNUG Program is another way we will be able to achieve that goal.”
“The Newburgh SNUG funding is significant for our city because we have had a long history of violence in our city’s past,” said Mayor Torrance Harvey. “Recently, we have seen a significant decrease in violence in our city due to great police work, improved community and police relations, a comprehensive video surveillance program, and the shotspotter technology. We’ve seen grassroots organizations and residents come together. We are excited to see SNUG funding return to Newburgh. This anti-violence program is right on time for Newburgh. We thank Senator Skoufis and Assemblyman Jacobson for making Newburgh a priority.”
Chief Doug Soloman said, “Funding secured under the SNUG program will be another piece to the puzzle in our comprehensive efforts to rid this city of gun violence. I applaud the Senator for his concern and support.”
Danny Hairston, Coordinator of SNUG Poughkeepsie said, “We know how resilient the community is in Newburgh. For us to implement SNUG, it’s going to be important for the city to come together on the ground. Not only will this program save lives, but it will educate the community at large. If we rally together, it will play a huge role in spreading the message throughout the City. I look forward to supporting Newburgh in their implementation of SNUG.”
“It is critical to engage with the community and those most likely to be caught up in acts of violence in order to prevent violent crimes,” said Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson. “The SNUG program works directly with people in the community most affected by gun violence. This program will help the police do its job to make our community safer both in fact and perception.”