Bi-Partisan Support for New “Plate Inspection and Fee Elimination Law”

Buffalo Assemblyman Pat Burke to intro Senator Jim Tedisco’s “holistic” legislation to help prevent another license plate debacle and keep $70 million potential fee hike out of state budget negotiations

Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C,I,REF-Glenville), today announced new bi-partisan support for the “Plate Inspection and Fee Elimination Law” as Majority Democratic Assemblyman Pat Burke (D-Buffalo) will introduce the legislation in the state Assembly that takes a holistic approach to ensuring no motorist will have to pay up to $45 in additional fees if they need to obtain new license plates for any reason.

Tedisco and Burke’s bi-partisan legislation aims to cement the Governor’s announcement that no motorist will be charged $25 to obtain a new license plate or a $20 fee to keep their current plate number so long as there’s an agreed upon inspection process with the legislature. Legislation previously introduced by other legislators only covers not requiring the $25 fee for a total plate replacement program or establishing a plate inspection process. 

Senator Tedisco and Assemblyman Burke’s “Plate Inspection and Fee Elimination Law” takes a comprehensive approach and includes the following:

1)   Eliminates the up-to-$25 feeto obtain new plates due to a change in license plate design.

2)   No $25 fee to replacea peeling or fading individual license plate which are noticed by the owner or via failing an inspection. No other bill has this protection for motorists.

3)   Owners would keep their current individual plate number without paying an additional $20 fee. No other bill has this protection for motorists.

4)   Incorporates individual license plate inspections into the regular annual vehicle inspection process, addressing the Governor’s main concern about people driving around with unreadable plates. The bill prohibits an increase for the $21 inspection feebased on the additional visual license plate inspection. No other bill prohibits an increase in the inspection fee. 

“When the legislature returns in January, among the first items that should be taken up early in the session are transportation reforms to pass a package of limo safety bills to save lives, and the ‘Plate Inspection and Fee Elimination Law’ to ensure that motorists will not have to pay any additional fees to obtain new license plates,” said Senator Jim Tedisco. “Unlike other measures, our legislation takes a holistic approach by ensuring there’s no new license plate fees, ever, and it adds license plate inspections to the annual vehicle inspection process to address the Governor’s concerns. Our bill is a win for millions of motorists who will no longer be on the hook and forced to pay up to $45 for new license plates and a win for traffic safety by creating a process to take unreadable plates off the roads. I want to thank Assemblyman Pat Burke for working with me on this effort and for introducing this bill in the Assembly,” said Senator Tedisco.

“The state needs to understand the daily struggles average New Yorkers face, and these license plate fees will negatively impact the hard working people in our communities. I’m proud to work in a bi-partisan effort with Senator Tedisco on behalf of all New Yorkers,” said Assemblyman Burke.