Statement from Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C-Glenville) on Bombshell NY Post Story “Cuomo aide admits they hid nursing home data so feds wouldn’t find out”

James Tedisco

February 11, 2021

“Tonight’s bombshell New York Post article about a closed door meeting Governor Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, held yesterday with six Democratic state legislators admitting to a cover-up in hiding the nursing home data sought by the Justice Department and my state legislative colleagues, is shocking.  Rather than apologize for the cover-up and any role the Cuomo Administration may have played in the deaths of 15,000 New Yorkers from the coronavirus in nursing homes, Ms. DeRosa instead gave a mea culpa for putting the Democratic legislators in an inconvenient ‘political position.” 

“It’s disgusting and absolutely shameful.”

“Four things must now happen:”

“1. This obstruction of justice must be investigated on the federal and state levels and my colleagues in the majority should finally use their subpoena power to get the truth under oath.”

“2. The legislature should immediately revoke the Governor’s emergency powers as my Senate Republican colleagues and I have put forth amendments to do so for the past 14 session days so we can bring balance back to state government.”

“3. The legislature needs to pass stronger penalties to hold officials accountable for violating open government and the Freedom of Information Law, which I am drafting.”

“4. If this information that’s been reported is accurate, then Governor Cuomo has totally lost the trust of the people he represents and has violated his oath of office. He should then resign or face impeachment and removal from office.”