Tedisco Calls for New Bill to S.C.R.A.P. Tax Breaks for Corrupt Politicians

James Tedisco

February 01, 2018

Senator introduces STAR Corruption Reduction Act for Politicians (S.C.R.A.P.) to prevent elected and appointed officials who are convicted of felony public corruption and stealing of taxpayer dollars from receiving any school property tax relief exemption

Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C,I,REF-Glenville) today announced new legislation he has introduced to S.C.R.A.P. any property tax relief breaks for elected and appointed officials who are convicted of felony public corruption.

The STAR Corruption Reduction Act (S.C.R.A.P.) would require the forfeiture of any School Tax Relief (STAR) exemption for any state or local official convicted of a federal or state felony charge of betraying their oath of office.

Tedisco’s bill (S.7580) would be in addition to any existing criminal penalty for public corruption including the pension forfeiture constitutional amendment which was passed overwhelmingly by the public last year.

“I ask of my colleagues, why should the taxpayers we represent have to see their tax dollars used to give property tax breaks to those ‘rotten apples’ who would engage in public corruption and steal hard-working New Yorkers’ tax dollars?” said Tedisco.

“When an elected or appointed official betrays their oath of office and is convicted of felony public corruption, the state should scrap their ability to collect any type of STAR property tax relief exemption,” said Tedisco.  “If a public servant steals tax dollars at a felony level, they should never be entitled to have taxpayer dollars used to give them a New York State tax break.”