Tedisco: “Hallelujah!” After Saying “Enough is Enough” to Repeated Glenville Bridge Strikes, We’ve Finally Struck a Nerve with NYS DOT to Take Action to Protect Public and Taxpayers

James Tedisco

November 19, 2021

Statement from Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C-Glenville)

“Hallelujah! It appears our last discussion with New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) that ‘enough is enough’ with the all-too frequent Glenridge Road train overpass bridge strikes has finally struck a nerve with the Administration, as a possible solution may is in the offing to protect the public and tax dollars.”

“After using the bully pulpit and several years of outspoken advocacy to the previous Administration by myself, Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh and Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle to take action to help stop the bridge strikes, the DOT today has informed us and the media that starting in December, they will be installing a state-of-the-art over height truck detection system that would provide alerts to over height vehicle operators. They also will be creating a vehicle turnaround area by 2023.”

“I spoke with New York State DOT Regional Director Ron Epstein this afternoon and he assured me the work on helping to mitigate these frequent bridge strikes would begin as soon as possible in December, which is just a week away.”

“This past summer, a Glenridge Road bridge strike sent a resident to the hospital. There have been over 100 bridge strikes and turnarounds from trucks that almost got caught in the bridge causing traffic jams in recent years on the state road. A week ago there were two bridge strikes and a near miss where a truck had to turn around clogging up traffic all within the span of an hour. This has cost Glenville taxpayers well over $50,000 for police, fire, and highway personnel response.”   

“I appreciate the DOT listening to our concerns and taking action. I also want to thank the public for reaching out to me with their impassioned interest and suggestions on helping reduce bridge strikes on the road. I will continue to monitor the Glenridge Road bridge situation and follow-through to ensure the work gets done and to see if these measures do the job and stop the frequent bridge strikes.”