Tedisco: New Data Shows Governor’s License Plate Tax Scheme Is “Highway Robbery for Taxpayers”

James Tedisco

August 26, 2019

Scheme is “Highway Robbery for Taxpayers” Sen. Tedisco says new analysis of plan by Governor, DMV to force all motorists to pay $25 fee for new license plates shows $70 million windfall for state

Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C,I,REF-Glenville) today released a new analysis of a plan by the Governor and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to force all motorists to pay a $25 tax to obtain a new license plate that would create a $70 million windfall for state coffers, at a minimum.

After ending its previous contract with 3M, the state will start a new two-year $4 million contract in September with Avery Dennison to supply the materials to produce license plates. New York’s license plates are manufactured at Auburn Correctional Facility by inmates at a labor cost of up to $300,000 annually.  

Based on an analysis, the license plates cost $2.3 million per year and project that the state will reap a $70 million windfall with revenue collected from the $25 per plate fee. This does not even consider additional revenue the state would receive from those who want to keep their current plate number and pay an extra $20 per plate for that “convenience.” 

“This administration has more angles than a geometry book to get into the pockets of taxpayers. This License Plate Tax is truly highway robbery for the over-taxed and over-burdened taxpayers of New York State in the form of a new $70 million tax.  Where is this $70 million windfall going and why should taxpayers not only have to foot the bill for the shoddy and inferior license plates created by 3M that are peeling but also for whatever other mystery project this tax grab is funding,” said Senator Jim Tedisco.  “The Governor and DMV should do the right thing for taxpayers and revoke this license plate tax now.”

Last week, Senator Tedisco wrote to the Governor and DMV Commissioner urging them not to impose the $25 new license plate fee and the additional $20 fee if you want to keep your current license plate number. Tedisco also launched an online petition drivecalling on the Governor and DMV to rescind the $45 in new fees.

“New York already has some of the highest registration fees in the nation and the state has law suits pending galore against different individuals and organizations. 3M should be made to pay their part for the defective plates and those that are just fine should be kept by car owners without any tax!” said Senator Tedisco.