Tedisco: NY Farm Laborers Wage Board Decision is a Load of Manure for Over-burdened Family Farmers and Cash-Strapped Consumers

James Tedisco

September 07, 2022

“In the midst of the highest inflation in over 40 years, a panel of unelected bureaucrats has pushed through a real load of manure that will substantially increase costs for over-burdened family farmers and cash-strapped consumers across the state.” 

“This will not only hurt our ‘mom and pop’ small business family farms but no doubt drive-up higher prices for everyone at the grocery store, farm stand and at restaurants.” 

“This terrible anti-family farm and anti-consumer mandate will lead to more part-time workers and lost wages and more sold family farms substituted by hideous solar farms.”  

“The Governor and state Labor Commissioner now have 45 days to review the New York Farm Laborers Wage Board recommendation. They should put family farms, consumers, and New York’s economy first and totally reject this job-killing proposal and keep the overtime threshold at 60 hours!”