Tedisco: Stop New York Cash Bail "Catch & Release"

James Tedisco

January 11, 2022

New York lost 319,000 people last year who packed-up their belongings in a U-Haul and fled our state. There's several reasons for that and part of that exodus is due to the fact that people no longer feel safe in our state.

That's due to the agenda that our past and current governor has put forth with this legislative majority that has weakened public safety with their "catch and release" revolving door of danger and disaster wrought by cash bail reform that led to 3,400 criminals who were not held in jail being rearrested for a violent felony while awaiting trial last year.

That's 3,400 more victims of a violent crime as a result of the disastrous bail reform.

Today, I offered my bi-partisan legislation S.1521/A.1705 to bring discretion back to our judiciary, reduce crime and restore common sense to our criminal justice system.

I hope you can watch my entire remarks which can be viewed here.