Tedisco: Is the Thruway Authority Running a Pyramid Scheme on Taxpayers?

Statement from Senator Jim Tedisco on state Comptroller’s “devastating” new report on Thruway Authority’s “Three Stooges-Level-like” Incompetence

“The state Comptroller’s devastating new report on the state Thruway Authority’s ‘Three Stooges-level-like’ incompetence underscores what I’ve been saying for a long time: the proposed 75 percent toll hike is a total scam and highway heist to gouge low-income-and-middle-income taxpayers – those who can least afford this toll increase.  

“The Comptroller’s shocking report begs the question: Is the Thruway Authority running a pyramid scheme on taxpayers?”

“The Thruway Authority should immediately rescind their egregious toll hike because they have maxed out the taxpayer credit card and clearly are mismanaging taxpayer dollars to an alarming degree.”

“As the legislature begins joint budget hearings, it’s crucial the Thruway Authority Chair is brought before the Transportation Budget Committee and grilled under oath about the proposed toll hike and the Comptroller’s findings.”

“It’s also time for my colleagues in the legislature to put their big kid’s pants on and pass my bi-partisan legislation (S.173/A.5953) to stop the toll madness and take control of toll hikes, which are just another form of tax increases, out of the hands of the unelected bureaucrats in the Thruway Authority and give power back before the people’s representatives in the Senate and Assembly.” 

“Remember, a toll hike in this inflationary period will lead to higher consumer prices and a significant, negative impact on local communities and local roads in terms of safety and wear and tear as more cars and trucks will drive on municipal roads to avoid the tolls.”