Tedisco: Time for Governor & Legislature to Remember Crime Victims -- “The Forgotten New Yorkers”

L-R: Jan Patrick (Tammy’s husband), Assemblyman Robert Smullen, Tammy Patrick and Senator Jim Tedisco.
Tedisco, Daughter of Murdered 77-year-old Gloversville Man Call for Bi-Partisan Bill to Repeal Bail Reform & Give Judges Discretion

Senator Tedisco joined at the NYS Capitol with Tammy Patrick, whose father, John Lee, was killed by someone who prior to bail reform, could have been held in jail for an assault the day before, to urge Governor and Majorities to get serious about reasonable legislation to protect public

Albany--Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C-44th Senate District) today at the New York State Capitol joined Tammy Patrick of Johnstown, whose 77-year-old father John Lee of Gloversville was fatally stabbed on June 9, 2022, to call on the governor and legislature to pass Tedisco’s public safety legislation to repeal bail reform (S.1523A) and bi-partisan measure to give judges real discretion (S.1521/A.1705)

Tammy Patrick’s late father, John Lee, was allegedly killed by an individual who was arrested and charged with assaulting another man the day before Mr. Lee’s murder, and then released.

Mr. Lee was murdered by the defendant the evening he was released – just a few hours after his arraignment.

Prior to the bail reform law passing, the judge would have had the discretion of being able to hold the defendant on bail, preventing the loss of life.

Senator Tedisco has been an outspoken leader and voice against the broken bail reform law from the start. 

“With Governor Hochul’s and the Majorities’ criminal justice failures now, there needs to be a new name for ‘crime victims’: It’s ‘Forgotten People!’ I’m proud to join my former constituent, Tammy Patrick, whose late father John Lee, was allegedly killed on June 9th by an individual who was arrested and charged with assaulting another man the day before Mr. Lee’s murder, and then released because of the failure of New York’s cash bail law. Tammy Patrick is in full support of my bi-partisan legislation to repeal the broken bail reform law and give judges real discretion to protect our communities and close the revolving door of danger and disaster,” said Senator Jim Tedisco.

“My father, John Lee, lost his life to a vicious perpetrator who was on the street because of what has been called the ‘criminal justice bail reform laws.’ I felt obligated to speak out at the Capitol to say that it is not working and is in fact putting the lives of all New Yorkers at risk. Last year, we contacted Senator Jim Tedisco to inform him of that and found he was the one person who knew and was actively doing something to correct the practice of removing discretion from judges and forced placement to put violent criminals back on the street after they commit violent crimes. The legislature needs to pass Senator Tedisco’s bi-partisan legislation to repeal the present failed bail reform process and give discretion back to judges. Your life, and as we have unfortunately experienced, the lives of your loved ones depend upon it,” said Tammy Patrick, daughter of John Lee.