Tedisco Urges U.S. Postmaster General to Re-open Wells Post Office ASAP and Stop “Geographic Discrimination” Against Hamilton County Residents

Hoping “Three-Times a Charm,” Senator Tedisco sends new letter – the 3rd in four months calling for end to forcing Wells residents to drive a 30-mile roundtrip to get and send mail; seeks temporary mobile post office in Wells until permanent site is found

Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C-Glenville) today is issuing a new call for the U.S. Postmaster General to take immediate action to re-open its post office in the town of Wells in Hamilton County, which has been closed since May 24, 2021, forcing residents to make a 30-mile roundtrip visit to the Village of Northville in Fulton County each time they need to send or get their mail.

Senator Tedisco previously wrote the U.S. Postmaster General on May 14th and July 12th asking for a solution to address this situation.  The Postmaster General has told Tedisco’s Office that it will be at least anther 60 days before at the earliest before any action is taken.  

Senator Tedisco said “it’s unacceptable to force residents to drive 30 miles each time they need to get their mail for at least another two months.”

That’s why today, Senator Tedisco is turning up the pressure on the U.S. Postal Service by requesting that post office services be immediately restored for the residents of Wells, and at the absolute minimum, a temporary mobile unit be opened and staffed in the town until a permanent facility is opened. 

Tedisco noted that many residents impacted by the closure of the post office in Wells are senior citizens and on fixed incomes. With the cost of gas continuing to rise to extreme costs, coupled with the lack of public transportation in Hamilton County, it is more than an inconvenience for them to travel a 30-mile roundtrip distance in order to get their mail. As there is no pharmacy in Wells, many have their health prescriptions delivered via mail service and, therefore, having the office located in their hometown is more than a convenience but a lifeline for many individuals. 

“This has become what I believe is geographic discrimination against the rural residents of Wells and Hamilton County and must be rectified immediately with the reopening of a post office now,” said Senator Jim Tedisco. “As a state senator, I do not have legislative oversight of the U.S. Postal Service, which is on the federal level, but I believe it’s incumbent on me as an elected representative to speak out and advocate for my constituents who I believe are being dealt a huge disservice by their federal government and forcing them to spend additional time and resources to get their mail.” 

“I am now demanding rather than requesting a more viable solution to the needs of Wells and Hamilton County residents than what is currently in place. At the absolute very minimum, the Post Office should set-up and staff a temporary mobile unit in Wells until this issue is permanently rectified,” said Tedisco.