Tedisco, Walsh & Sheriff Zurlo “Paws for Our Pets & Public Safety”

Senator Tedisco and Gracie, Assemblywoman Walsh and Finn, and Sheriff Zurlo and his K-9 Unit join together to call for strengthening New York’s animal cruelty laws to protect pets and people

Today at the state Capitol, Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C,I,REF-Glenville) and his Corgi Gracie, Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh and her dog Finn, and Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo and his K-9 unit joined with their legislative colleagues from both sides of the aisle and hundreds of pet owners and animal advocates to hold the 9thAnnual NYS Animal Advocacy Day to call for stronger laws to protect pets and people from violence. 

This free, bipartisan event was started by Senator Tedisco, who was the driving force behind passage of Buster’s Law in 1999, which created the felony crime of animal cruelty, because he realized animal cruelty is an A-level FBI profile offense due to it being a bridge crime where those who harm animals often go on to hurt humans. Animal Advocacy Day enables animal supporters to network, share information and lobby their legislators to raise awareness of the need to protect pets and people from abuse by addressing the bridge crime nature of animal cruelty. There were over 60 exhibitors including rescues, shelters, and animal advocacy groups. Steve Caporizzo, from Pet Connection, served as emcee.

“We have an obligation as a government to protect all members of our family, including those who have no voice. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who fail to see the value of our companion animals, resulting in animal abuse, cruelty and neglect, which occur far too often. Animal cruelty is a bridge crime on the FBI criminal profile and those who are so dastardly as to harm our pets can and often do go on to hurt people. Animal Advocacy Day matters because it’s about more than just protecting our four-legged friends, it’s about keeping people safe. Just as important as strengthening our laws, Animal Advocacy Day aims to educate the public and law enforcement about the value of our companion animals and the importance of enforcing existing laws,” said Senator Jim Tedisco, Senate Co-Chair of Animal Advocacy Day.

Pictured L-R (077): Assemblywoman Walsh and Finn, Saratoga County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit with Sheriff Michael Zurlo, and Senator Tedisco with Gracie.

Pictured (393): Tedisco and Gracie join animal advocates and their pets to call for stronger laws to protect pets and people.