Bronx Public Schools Receive More Than Half a Million Dollars

Jeffrey D. Klein

March 19, 2010

Senator Klein presents $685,000 grant to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to boost Music, Arts & Technology Programs

NEW YORK- On Friday, March 19th, Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) presented a $685,000 grant to New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to help save and boost music, arts and technology programs in approximately 21 Bronx public schools. Klein presented the grant to Schools Chancellor Klein at P.S. X014 Senator John Calandra school in the Bronx where principals, teachers and students from nearly two dozen other area schools gathered for the event.

“The administrators, teachers, staff and most importantly the students of these schools are committed to teaching and learning and deserve all the resources and support we can provide to help them build a stronger and brighter future," said Senator Jeff Klein.

“I want to thank Senator Klein for his continued support and advocacy on behalf of our schools and students,” said Chancellor Joel Klein. “The Senator’s generosity will help us continue to provide top quality education for all students and will make a real difference for thousands of students in his district.”

Klein’s grant will be divided among 21 Bronx public schools and be used to support various programs related to the arts, music and technology. Recently, because of hiring restrictions, P.S. X014 Senator John Calandra School had to cut its part- time music program, which cancelled all singing and recorder lessons. The school will use Klein’s grant to resurrect the program. MS/J.H.S. 144 Michelangelo School will use the grant money to launch a visual arts program, bringing professional artists into the school to teach students art appreciation and enrichment.

“Despite tough fiscal times, our responsibility as educators presses on. When community and political leaders help us in attaining our vision and goals, everybody wins,” said Jason Kovac, Principal at P.S. X014 Senator John Calandra School.

“I am Senator Klein’s former teacher and I think it’s wonderful that he remembers that for future leaders and future citizens to grow, it all starts in the classroom,” said Katina Lotakis, Principal at MS/J.H.S. 144 Michaelangelo School.

P.S. 71 Rose E. Scala School plans to buy up to 50 new computers to create two mobile computer labs for the school. The Urban Institute of Mathematics X371 plans to purchase more than 60 remote clickers as part of a new pilot program that helps teachers track students’ progress more quickly.

“We are thrilled. Any help we can get is really appreciated. We are very thankful that we are receiving some assistance,” said Lance Cooper, Principal at P.S. 71 Rose E. Scala School.

“I think it’s wonderful Senator Klein is supporting our school and our community. This grant will help fund the technology program at our school as we are about to launch a pilot program related to wireless devices,” said Jennifer Joynt, Principal at the Urban Institute of Mathematics.

“Schools are faced with the daily challenge to provide for the needs of all of their students. It is a challenge we welcome. This gift, along with the continued efforts of teachers, parents, students and the chancellor's office will assist us greatly with meeting these daily educational challenges. The Thomas C. Giordano Middle School 45 Community thanks you, Senator Klein for your most generous gift,” said Annamaria Giordano, Principal at Thomas C. Giordano Middle School 45.

“Senator Klein's grant will support the development of the critical lens that our students need to become productive educated citizens of the future. Without his help, we would not be able to purchase 5 computers and a printer for each classroom, nor be able to expand the media center in our library. Students can only be enriched by the computers they use as a tool to expand their thinking outside the realm of their immediate communities. We are indebted to Senator Klein,” said Kim Hampton Hewitt, Principal at M.S. 101 Edward R. Byrne.

* * *