Democratic Leader Paterson Appoints Klein To Conference Committee On Megan's Law

Jeffrey D. Klein

January 10, 2006

New York children headed back to school, Klein issued a report about the high concentration of Level 3 sex offenders, the most violent category of sexual predators, living in the New York Metropolitan area.

The study released by Klein’s office surveyed the New York State Sex Offender Registry, Level 3 Subdirectory and found 1,182 level three sex offenders living in neighborhoods home to 1,358 public schools and more than 1.7 million school age children, for an average of 7 sex offenders per zip code. In Westchester County, 22 (of 74) zip codes that had at least one level 3 sex offender are home to more than 112,513 school-age children and 86 public schools.

Klein also announced a proposal to allow New Yorkers to sign-up for email notification when changes or additions are made to the Level 3 sub-directory of the State Sex Offender Registry, which would dramatically improve the public’s access to and awareness of these individuals’ close proximity to our children and families.

“With key provisions about to expire, strengthening Megan’s Law to protect our children is a no-brainer” said Klein, a member of the Senate Codes Committee. “Until we enact a strong civil confinement law to keep our communities free from violent sexual predators, the very least we can do is ensure that parents are armed with the tools to keep their children out of reach of these dangerous criminals,” Klein said.