Disruptive Nightclub Officially Loses Liquor License

Jeffrey D. Klein

November 10, 2009


Long Battle Over As Déjà Vu Agrees to Withdraw Court Challenge

NEW YORK- After months of fighting the troubling Bronx establishment known as Déjà Vu Bar and Grill, State Senate Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) announced today that the bar will permanently lose its liquor license.

“I am thrilled to announce that this case is closed for good. My constituents have dealt with this loud, disruptive night club for too long and today’s deal officially restores their quality of life, bringing peace and quiet to their neighborhood,” said Senator Klein.

Déjà Vu and SLA attorneys, along with Klein and community leaders, have been in and out of court arguing their cases. Klein, community leaders and the SLA won the first round in court after a judge upheld lifting Déjà Vu’s temporary restraining order and Déjà Vu attorneys backed out of a hearing. At the end of October, Déjà Vu took its case to the Appellate Court where a judge ruled again in favor of the SLA. Continuing its efforts to get back its liquor license, Déjà Vu was supposed to submit paperwork to the Appellate Court next week but the case closed sooner than expected.

Klein learned today that the SLA and Déjà Vu struck a deal. Déjà Vu management proposed to drop its case if SLA leaders rescinded a $1000 bond claim it imposed on the club. The SLA board voted to accept the deal today meaning Déjà Vu’s liquor license is permanently cancelled. The SLA has also directed that if the case is not withdrawn within 5 days, Déjà Vu’s liquor license will be revoked and Déjà Vu’s $1,000 bond claim will be reinstated.

“This outcome attests to the SLA’s renewed focus of cracking down on serious violations and irresponsible licensees that are a nuisance to their neighbors,” said SLA Deputy CEO Michael Jones. “We greatly value Senator Klein’s interest and support in this case,”

“I think for all sides and all people involved this is the best outcome for our community. I think it’s also a clear indication that our community is not going to tolerate places that disrupt our neighborhoods. We are very open to new businesses but we want them to be businesses that are constructive for our community and obey the law,” said Joe Thompson, President of the 49th Precinct Council and community board. “This outcome shows what can be done when you have an elected official like Senator Klein who spearheads a movement and is supported by the community, the community board and the neighborhood associations.”

* * *