Dot Re-opens On Ramp To New England Thruway

Jeffrey D. Klein

July 04, 2008

Klein and Community Celebrate
BRONX-After working with the community and the state Department of Transportation (DOT) for over a year, Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) is pleased to announce the re-opening of the north-bound entrance ramp off of Pelham Parkway onto the New England Thruway.
The ramp was originally closed in 2004 due to construction which caused serious congestion in the Pelham Bay neighborhood as cars would take a detour through the streets to get to Interstate 95. On March 19th, 2007, Bronx Community Board #10 wrote a letter to DOT requesting that the exit be re-opened, stating that: "…the Pelham Bay area is hopelessly clogged and prone to dangerous traffic conditions for vehicles and pedestrians alike. This is to say nothing of the noise and air pollution that residents are exposed to."
The Senator took up the community's cause and worked with DOT to ensure that a study was conducted and the exit re-opened. Klein coordinated with state and city DOT, as well as with NYPD and finally received word that the ramp was safe to re-open.
"After years of inconvenience and morbid traffic conditions in the Pelham Bay neighborhood, residents and drivers alike will now reap the benefits of safer streets and a better commute. The city streets in the Pelham Bay neighborhood were not meant to bear highway traffic levels. I've heard far too many horror stories from fed up residents who've suffered as drivers tear through their streets at un-safe speeds. The re-opening of the exit verifies what we've known all along: when we work together as a community we win," said Senator Klein. 
Working together, New York State and City Departments of Transportation re-striped the roadway and replaced traffic signs on the ramp.  New signs have also been installed and striping at the bike path and the pedestrian crosswalk.  The bike path now has signs that read "Stop Ahead" and "Stop", with a "New" trailblazer also installed in order to denote to regular users of the path that they should be aware of the changed conditions when crossing the ramp. The opening of the ramp will also improve access to both City Island and Co-Op City.
 "The closing of the northbound Pelham Parkway entrance to I-95 has caused our community a lot of inconvenience.  The re-opening will be a relief and will help alleviate congestion on local roads, as well as making traffic to City Island flow a lot better," added Assemblyman Michael Benedetto.