A Faster Response: Mt. Vernon Police Enhance Mobile Command Center

Jeffrey D. Klein

April 22, 2010


Senator Klein, Mount Vernon Mayor and Mount Vernon Police Chief unveil newly upgraded Mobile Command Center to fight crime in Fleetwood

MOUNT VERNON, NY - On Thursday, April 22nd, State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein (DBronx/Westchester), Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young Jr. and Mount Vernon Police Chief Barbara Duncan unveiled and toured the Mount Vernon Police Department's newly renovated Mobile Command Center. In 2008, Klein secured a 100K grant which funded the upgrades aimed at enhancing police presence and response times in the Fleetwood community.

Mount Vernon police first launched the Command Center Unit in December 1999. Since then it has been used to combat local crime as well as aide in emergency response efforts across the state. In Mount Vernon, police use the Command Center for D.W.I check points, as quick response to neighborhood crimes, as a deterrence to car break-ins and as an added level of protection at community block parties and special events. The Command Center also served emergency responders after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, arriving at the site shortly after the attacks in 2001 and staying through January 2002.

“Mobile Command Centers are full-functioning mini-police stations - equipped with officers, scanners and other necessary equipment - able to respond to crimes quickly and efficiently. These centers keep our neighborhoods safe and serve as a tremendous deterrant to criminals who may be contemplating car or home break-ins or commit other crimes,”said Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester).

Mount Vernon Police are expected to use Klein’s grant to equip the Command Center with the up-to-date technology including the enhancement of police dispatch systems like digital video, satellite communications and wireless computer access. The money will also help fund necessary upgrades to the Unit's conference room, including adding new video monitoring and “smart board” technology and by making mechanical and structural repairs. During its 11 years of service, the Mobile Command Center has never received any upgrades, leaving the current equipment outdated.

“This Mobile Command Center greatly increases the ability of the Mount Vernon Police Department to respond to the public safety needs of our community. We are thankful to Senator Klein not only for this newly renovated and upgraded vehicle, but also for his consistent support of our great city,” said Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr.

“The Mount Vernon Police Department’s Mobile Command Center was in great need of both mechanical repair and technological upgrades. Thanks to Senator Klein’s assistance, both Fleetwood and the greater Mount Vernon community will benefit greatly from this modern and high-tech command center,” said Mount Vernon Police Chief Barbara Duncan.

The Command Center is a 40-foot long RV that has space or approximately twelve police officers at a time. It will mainly serve Fleetwood residents in the 34th Senate District by providing a central location for police during emergencies.

“The Command Center effectively fills the need for communication between the police and the public. Senator Klein’s grant has enabled us to bring this Command Center into the 21st Century and we are so grateful,” said Susan Granata, President of the Fleetwood Neighborhood Association.



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