Klein and Vacca Alert Community to Continued Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

Jeffrey D. Klein

April 04, 2012


Despite Ban,  ‘Fake Weed’ Found in at Least 1 Bronx  Store

PELHAM PARKWAY SOUTH, BRONX, N.Y. –  State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein, (D-Bronx/Westchester), and New York City Council Member James Vacca (D-Bronx) were joined by members of the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association, the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance, and the 49th Precinct Community Council to alert constituents of the continued public threat posed by synthetic marijuana.

A spot check by the officials found this dangerous substance was still being sold in at least one local store, despite a ban put in place last week by the State Health Department.

Synthetic Marijuana products have been responsible for nearly 60 individual emergency room visits in the New York City area, as a result of adverse reactions to these substances.  The product was also a contributing factor to the deaths of two young men in Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Prior to the ban, several stores along Morris Park and Lydig Avenues sold this synthetic drug, which is also known by brand names such as  “Diesel” and “DZL”.  Subsequent to the ban going into effect, one of these stores was still found to be selling these products behind the counter for less than $5.

Senator Klein and Councilman Vacca alerted the city Health Department of the sales, and are asking residents to help them keep an eye out for other establishments who are violating the ban.

“I was outraged to find these dangerous substances are still being sold in our neighborhoods” said Senator Klein, who is the chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. “These products were banned because they are a public health hazard. That’s why Councilman Vacca and I are calling on the public to contact us if you see other corner stores and shops thumb their nose at this ban and continue to sell synthetic marijuana.”

“This jeopardizes the lives our kids and many adults as well” said Edith Blitzer of the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association. “A life is a terrible thing to waste.”

New Yorkers are encouraged to contact Senator Klein at (718) 822-2049 orjdklein@nysenate.gov as well as Councilmember Vacca at (718) 931-1721 orjvacca@council.nyc.gov if they aware of stores who are  violating the ban.