Klein Announces 100k in Capital Funding Grants

Jeffrey D. Klein

February 05, 2010


Senator Klein presents $50,000 to St. Dominic and $50,000 to St. Benedict Schools to fix broken windows and hole in roof

NEW YORK- Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) presented 100K in grant money to St. Dominic and St. Benedict Catholic Schools today during their school assemblies.

St. Dominic has had a problem with broken windows for six years. Some of them do not open and one fell out, causing students to wear coats in the classroom to keep warm. Klein’s grant will be used to fix the windows.

St. Benedict has had trouble with the roof above the auditorium for two years. It now has a hole, causing water to leak into the building. Klein’s grant will be used to repair the roof.

“St. Dominic’s and St. Benedict’s are both upstanding institutions that offer all students a quality education. Of course, like any building that has been around for decades, age has caused the schools to deteriorate and while they are still very beautiful buildings, they are also in need of vital repairs. That’s why I decided to give these schools $50,000 each and thank them for continuing to pave the road our young people to have a successful future,” said Klein.

“We are extremely grateful to Senator Klein for this generous grant. The funds will enable St. Dominic and St. Benedict Schools to make needed repairs to their facilities, in keeping with our vigilance in ensuring the continued safety and well-being of our students,” said Dr. Timothy McNiff, Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of New York.