Klein Announces Oil Spill Cleanup in Pelham Manor

Senator Helped Secure Funding for Clean Up Following Major Accident in March


PELHAM MANOR, NY – State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) joined residents of The Hamlet in Pelham Manor to announce significant progress in clean-up efforts following the crash of a gasoline carrying tanker truck on Boston Post Road in March. Senator Klein helped secure funding from the tanker’s insurance company for the repair of pavement in the community that was damaged in the accident.


“I am extremely pleased that we were able to secure the necessary funding to remediate the fuel spill so quickly. The Hamlet is a beautiful community, and its residents deserved to have their home properly cleaned following the accident this spring,” said State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester).


In March, a commercial truck that was carrying nearly 4,000 gallons of gasoline collided with a car just outside of The Hamlet apartment community at Boston Post Road and Fowler Avenue. The truck crashed into The Hamlet’s fence, and spilled approximately 40 gallons of fuel (not part of its cargo) onto the pavement.


“The tanker stopped just about four feet from my car, so the accident affected our unit probably more than any of the others. I was up at four o clock in the morning looking at it when it happened. We very much appreciate Senator Klein’s help in getting our community back in good shape,” said Alan Reddy, resident of The Hamlet and former president of the Hamlet Homeowners’s Association Board.


Following the incident, The Hamlet’s insurance company paid for the repair of the fence and provided an allowance for the shrubbery. While the trucking company provided initial clean up of the fuel, Hamlet residents did not feel that it was sufficient as the diesel fuel has continued to deteriorate the blacktop parking lot of the community. That is when Senator Klein’s office became involved.



After being contacted by Hamlet resident John DePinto, Klein’s office arranged a meeting between The Hamlet’s management company – Gramatan Management – and the New York State Department of Conservation (NYS DEC). A result of this meeting, Klein’s office was placed into contact with the insurance company for the commercial truck, Berkley Risk Administrators. Klein’s office stressed the importance of cleaning up the pollutants to the insurance company, and as a result, within just two weeks Berkley decided to approve a claim of the Hamlet Townhouses for $4,200 to cover the rest of the cleanup and rehabilitation of the parking lot.


“After the accident, we had the parking lot and the fence repaired, but because of the time of year they haven’t yet been able to finish repairing the shrubbery and landscaping that was also destroyed. This is still certainly a big improvement to where the area was a couple months ago and we’re very thankful to Senator Klein for that,” said Bram Fierstein, Gramatan Management Managing Agent for The Hamlet, and a resident of Pelham.