Klein Announces Upcoming State Sales Tax Holiday

Jeffrey D. Klein

January 18, 2006

ALBANY, NY—State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) is pleased to announce that from January 30th through February 5th the State of New York is offering a week of sales tax free shopping for clothing and footwear purchases less then $110. This is the second and final tax free holiday scheduled for the 2005/2006 fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2006.

"Sales tax holidays not only provide great savings for consumers, but also help local businesses benefit with increased sales,” Klein said.  “When budget talks begin this week in Albany, I will work hard to make this twice-annual benefit a permanent one for all New Yorkers."

Last year’s budget called for a permanent end to the state sales tax on clothing and footwear purchases under $110, beginning April 1, 2006, but Governor Pataki’s proposed budget for this year does not include the elimination.  During the state sales tax holiday, as passed by the Legislature in 2005, New York waives its 4.375% sales tax on clothing, footwear, clothing material, hats, neckwear and diapers totaling under $110 and gives local municipalities the option to waive their portion of the sales tax as well.