Klein Applauds California Pension Pull-out

Jeffrey D. Klein

September 25, 2007

California’s lead and pass our own Terror Free Investment Act of 2007,” said Senator Klein.


Syria (approx. $9 billion or 12% of the total portfolio). The total exceeds the 235 holdings or 16% of total equity assets cited in Klein's original report, because some companies are active in more than one terror-sponsoring nation.

DC based research and consulting firm that specializes in the assessment and management of global security risk - i.e., the risk associated with corporate ties to

As the sole trustee, the Comptroller is responsible for the Common Retirement Fund, which represents The New York State and Local Employees' Retirement System, and the Police and Fire Retirement System, providing pension, death and disability benefits for state and local government employees and employees of certain other participating employers.

Sudan, as well as to issue a report outlining any current public pension fund investments in these nations within 6 months. An Assembly companion to that measure is currently being considered by the Assembly Committee on Government Employees.