Klein Applauds Civil Confinement Agreement

Jeffrey D. Klein

March 01, 2007

NY – Deputy Minority Leader, Senator Jeff Klein hailed an agreement announced today between Gov. Spitzer and lawmakers on the terms of a civil confinement law that would allow for continued confinement of the most dangerous and most persistent sex offenders in secure psychiatric facilities after they have completed their prison sentences.

“This legislation is long overdue, and will finally help protect our families from the most violent sex offenders who have proven that they cannot safely function in society,” said Senator Klein.

White Plains resident Connie Russo-Carriero by a Level 3 sex offender with a long history of violent behavior who had refused mental health services.

Albany by releasing a report showing high concentrations of level 3 sex offenders living near schools and parks.

The agreement announced today would also create a state Office of Sex Offender Management, increase prison terms for some sex crimes, and provide mandatory treatment for sex offenders both during incarcerated and after their release. Funding for new treatment programs, as well as a secure mental health facility for civilly confined sex offenders, is already included in Gov. Spitzer’s executive budget.

In Klein’s opinion, “This agreement offers a comprehensive approach to protecting our communities, while expanding supervision of sex offenders and ensuring that they get the services they need.”