Klein Fights For Senior’s Needed Home Care

Jeffrey D. Klein

October 21, 2011

Helps Deliver Deserved Services to Pelham Bay Resident

PELHAM BAY, BRONX, N.Y. –  Senator Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) announced today that his office was successful in helping Susana Arroyo receive the home-care service hours she deserved.  Klein was originally contacted by Susana’s daughter, Sylvia ,who was upset that despite her mother’s worsening health conditions, CASA was denying her mother’s request for an increase of home care hours.

Susana Arroyo had a number of serious falls in addition to other serious medical ailments and Sylvia’ Arroyo's work schedule made home health care for her mother an absolute necessity..

Senator Klein helped arrange a fair hearing for the Arroyos, which was found in their favor.  

After this new arrangement was put in place, the city's Human Resources Administration sought an appeal to reduce the hours provided to Susana Arroyo.

Outraged, Senator Klein wrote to the Office of Temporary Disability and Assistance (OTDA) asking that this appeal be denied. OTDA, siding with Senator Klein and the Arroyos , rebuffed the HRA’s request appeal.

I’m extremely happy,” Sylvia Arroyo said. “It was stressful that my mother was being denied these hours .I’m very grateful to the Senator’s office for the help I received, they helped me when I thought no one else could.”

““I’m proud that we were able to get a positive outcome for the Arroyo family,” Senator Klein said. “Susana Arroyo was entitled to help and her daughter followed to rules to make sure she got it. It, frankly, was disturbing that this government agency sought to overturn a fair ruling make by an impartial judge.”

Anyone in the 34th District experiencing issues can contact Senator Klein’s Office for assistance at (718) 822-2049