Klein Graffiti Clean-Up Crew Hits Bronx and Westchester Streets

Jeffrey D. Klein

April 08, 2010

Senator Klein’s Graffiti Clean-up Crew removes graffiti tags in nearly two dozen hard-to-reach locations across the 34th Senate District

NEW YORK- On Wednesday, April 7th, as part of a Spring cleaning effort, Senator Jeff Klein’s (D-Bronx/Westchester) graffiti removal crew cleaned graffiti off nearly two dozen hard-to-reach overpasses, railroad bridges and buildings across the Bronx and Westchester.

The crew targeted several sites including the Citgo gas station off of the Hutchinson River Parkway, Bruckner Expressway, Bronxdale Avenue, I-95 overpasses, Pelham Parkway overpass as well as the railroad bridges along Einstein Hospital and East Tremont Avenue. Klein’s crew also cleaned areas in the Town of Pelham and the City of New Rochelle.

“During the past 16 years, I have made graffiti clean-up a top priority in my district,” said Klein. “My constituents and I refuse to let vandals tag our buildings and overpasses, creating time-consuming, expensive clean-up jobs for hard-working business owners and major eye-sores for drivers coming in and out of our city. By immediately cleaning these hard-to-reach places, we are sending a strong message to all vandals—we will not allow you to trash our neighborhoods.”

“I appreciate all the efforts Senator Klein does for the community by removing the ugly graffiti. It doesn’t belong here and it brings down the community. If they get away with it, they will keep doing it so we really appreciate Senator Klein’s office for his removal program,” said Anita Valenti, Vice President of the Pelham Bay Taxpayers and Civic Association. Valenti contacted Senator Klein a few weeks ago regarding graffiti along the Pelham Bay overpass.

“This is the second time Senator Klein has come through for us and cleaned the graffiti along the railroad bridges. We really appreciate it because it really helps clean up the neighborhood,” said Elaine Waltz, President of the South End Civic League. Waltz contacted Klein after spotting graffiti on the railroad bridges in New Rochelle.

NYPD officers from the 45th and 49th precincts as well as New Rochelle police assisted Klein’s crew by providing protection from oncoming traffic.

Klein launched his Graffiti Cleaning Program in 2005 including creating a hotline for constituents to request graffiti clean-up in their neighborhoods. So far, Klein’s crew has removed graffiti from more than three hundred businesses and homes. The Senator expanded the program this past year to include second-floor cleanings as well. Klein also introduced legislation that would require vandals who receive a sentence of community service to clean their own graffiti as part of that sentence.