Klein Helps Keep Schuyler Hill Beach Clean for Summer Season

Jeffrey D. Klein

July 09, 2010

State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein lent a helping hand to the Schuyler Hill Civic Association by obtaining dumpsters for the organization’s beach clean-ups this spring. Through the effort, Klein helped saved the Association more than $2,000 for an emergency clean-up in April and a routine clean-up in June.


Following a major winter storm and subsequent flooding in early March, Schuyler Hill’s beach became cluttered with garbage and debris. While the organization holds a beach cleaning event in early June of each year, the March storm made it impossible to wait until then as the trash pile up would have been excessive and caused health and safety concerns.


Realizing that the organization could not afford the cost of dumpsters for the emergency beach cleanup, Bob Kurz, President of the Schuyler Hill Civic Association, reached out to Senator Klein’s office. Klein's office worked with the NYC Department of Sanitation to secure a 30-yard dumpster for an April 18th clean-up, which the organization filled to the brim.


On June 12th, the Association held its annual beach clean-up, for which Klein's office again helped secure a dumpster.


“This spring’s storms were very damaging to many areas in my district. Working together we were able to ensure that families can still enjoy a clean and safe beach at Schuyler Hill as they have in summers past,” said Senator Jeff Klein.


“After the big flood in March, our beach was inundated with a lot of garbage. We needed to have an emergency clean up, but it’s hard for our organization to just lay out a lot of money for dumpsters. Senator Klein’s assistance with the dumpsters helped a great deal,” said Bob Kurz, President of Schuyler Hill Civic Association.