Klein Helps Secure Education Funding for Morris Park Student

Senator Successfully Fights for Student to Receive $12K in Financial Aid


BRONX, NY – Morris Park resident Isabel Mauriello no longer has to worry about how to pay for college, thanks to the efforts of State Senator Jeff Klein.


A student at Manhattanville College, Mauriello had worked hard to stay on top of the financial aid process so that she could continue her education this fall. After receiving Pell funding and Stafford loans, however, she was still $12,000 shy of meeting the full tuition costs for the upcoming year. Mauriello looked to take out a private loan from a bank, but because she was unable to secure a co-signer with adequate credit, she was continually denied.


Unsure of what to do next, and fearful of having to potentially drop out of school, Mauriello reached out to Senator Klein’s office in early August. Senator Klein’s office contacted Manhattanville College’s financial aid department that same day to determine what they could do to help cover the remaining costs.


Within just a few days of first speaking with Mauriello, Senator Klein’s office was able to arrange the needed additional financial aid with the college based on her grade point average and financial need. In fact Klein’s office was able to secure more funding than Mauriello required for this school year, and so the college will permit her to carry those monies over to the next school year.


“A solid education is the backbone to a bright and successful future,” said State Senator Jeff Klein


“The school gave me financial aid but the difference between that and my tuition was about $12,000. I tried to get private loans from banks but I just couldn’t get a co-signer that was credit worthy. So then I called Senator Klein’s office and they contacted my school and were able to get me more financial aid,” said Isabel Mauriello.