Klein Honors New Ukrainian President

Jeffrey D. Klein

March 25, 2005

New York, NY- Democratic State Senator Jeff Klein congratulated Serhei Pohoreltsev, the Consul-General of Ukraine, on the recent election of Victor A. Yushchenko as President of the Ukraine today at the Ukrainian Consulate in Manhattan. Klein presented a Resolution recently passed by the New York State Senate to Ukrainian Consul-General Serhei Pohoreltsev in recognition of President Yushchenko’s recent election. The Resolution, which was passed by the New York State Senate this week, recognizes that the election "should be celebrated and recognized by all the citizens of the great State of New York."

"Viktor Yushchenko is the President of Ukraine because the people of that remarkable country--at a time when democracy in some parts of the former Soviet Union was contracting--the people of Ukraine stood up and insisted that their voice prevail," said Klein. "The people took responsibility for the integrity of their election, and in doing so, they taught all of us an important lesson about democracy. For that, we thank them."