Klein Hosts Bishop Nathan Edwers

Jeffrey D. Klein

April 27, 2009

Leader of the Friendship Worship Center Offers Senate Invocation

ALBANY, NY-Senator Jeff Klein was honored to host the spiritual leader of the Friendship Worship Center in Mt. Vernon to offer the opening invocation for the April 19th session of the NY State Senate.

Well before he established the "Friendship Worship Center", in 1998 in Mt. Vernon, Bishop Nathan Edwers has been pioneering to improve society since he was just a teenager. From his roots in New Jersey when he first answered his calling to enter religious service, to spearheading the $1.3 million expansion of the Friendship sanctuary which now accommodates 1,200-Bishop Edwers has pursued a true vision of leadership for the 21st century.

Recognizing that faith comes in all forms, the Bishop developed Friendship Worship Center as a diverse multi-cultural and multi-racial congregation. As a result, Friendship is not about one single denominational affiliation but adopts a holistic approach to ministry with a focus on the total family.

"It is this key insight, that life is about acceptance and working together, which inspires us today," said Klein.