Klein Kindles 13th Annual Menorah Lighting

Jeffrey D. Klein

December 05, 2007

BRONX-Basking in the glow of 13 years of tradition, Senator Jeff Klein kicked-off the Festival of Lights, Hanukah, at his 13th Annual Menorah Lighting.

Seniors and students joined together for an intergenerational celebration replete with a special performance by the Beth Jacob/Beth Miriam Chorus and treats for all. Senator Klein spoke movingly about the state of Israel andthe importance ofmaintaining a sense of Jewish identity in the diaspora. Rabbi Izzy Greenberg, Senator Klein's long-time friend and confident, seconded his claim, adding that the story of Hanukah represents the triumph of freedom over oppression.

After banding together on what was a windy and cold day to light the 10 ft menorah, the celebration moved back in doors for cookies and cocoa.