Klein Receives Award For Outstanding Support Of The Nypd

Jeffrey D. Klein

November 15, 2007

BRONX, NY-Senator Jeff Klein made history at the Langsam Property Services Corp.’s Langsam Distinguished Service Awards Dinner, becoming the first elected official to receive special recognition for his Cop of the Month and Explorer of the Month programs. The Senator’s awards are given monthly to officers and young explorers who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to law enforcement. The Langsam Distinguished Service Awards are given out to police officers who have performed their duties with distinguished service. The highest award The Hector Fontanez Award, named for the eponymous officer who gave his life in the line of duty, was presented to Chief Anthony Izzo.

“Since my earliest days as an elected official it has been an honor to recognize officers of the law who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the community. Keeping our streets safe is imperative to the preservation of our values. It is a privilege to serve and I am humbled to be included in the ranks of these great men and women,” said Senator Klein.