Klein Secures New Wheelchair and Headrest for Bronx Senior

Jeffrey D. Klein

June 28, 2010

State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) announced that Pelham Bay resident Mary Truter is now able to enjoy a new Hoveround wheelchair and headrest after months of efforts by Senator Klein’s office.


Last winter, after Truter's seven-year-old wheelchair had become badly damaged from repeated use, she purchased a replacement from the Hoveround company. While Medicare should pay for a wheelchair replacement every six years, Truter was told that the new chair would not be covered because she did not have the receipt for the old, damaged one. When she realized that the company that sold her the old chair had gone out of business, Truter reached out to Klein’s office for assistance.


After nearly five months of negotiating with Medicare and the Hoveround company, Klein’s office was finally able to secure a full Medicare payment for the new wheelchair.


In April of this year, Truter contacted Klein’s office again regarding her wheelchair – she was in need of a headrest for the new wheelchair because of medical condition. After two months of working with Hoveround, Truter’s doctor’s office and Medicare, Klein's office secured a new headrest for Truter. Medicare also agreed to cover the headrest.


“Healthcare coverage and payment structures can be incredibly tricky to navigate. I am pleased we were able to help Ms. Truter obtain the new and improved wheelchair she was entitled to - free of charge,” said State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester).


“I am so glad that Senator Klein was able to help me get my new wheelchair paid for and the headrest installed. My old chair was in really bad shape, and without Senator Klein’s help, there is no way I would have a new chair,” said Mary Truter of Pelham Bay.