Klein Secures Safety Plan for Exit Bronx-Area Exit

NYS/NYC Dept of Transportation agree to six-point improvement plan

COUNTRY CLUB, BRONX, N.Y. – State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein, (D-Bronx/ Westchester), announced today that his office had been successful in working with New York State and New York City’s Departments of Transportation to secure needed safety improvements for Exit 7C, off of the Bruckner Expressway (Interstate 95). The matter had come to the Senator’s attention once he was notified by the Country Club Civic Association that this exit posed serious safety concerns.

Residents were concerned vehicles were speeding off of the highway and not yielding to residential drivers already on the service road.  Those living in the area also said the intersection was ill-designed and made road signs difficult to read. 

Senator Klein discovered that 35 accidents have been reported at that intersection during the last five years. All cases involved vehicles immediately coming off the intersection,  or at the nearby intersection with Macdonough Place. The Senator shared this information with both departments and asked that a plan be generated to reduce the potential for accidents at this location. 

After several months of consultation between both Departments and the Senator’s office, the agencies released a plan to make the exit safer. This plan includes the relocation of a 50 mph sign at the exit and replacing it instead with an enlarged 20 mile per hour sign, new safety markings clarifying the right of way in the service roadway, the installation of improved yield and merging signs on the exit itself,  and pruning  tree branches to provide greater visibility.

“It’s my hope that these improvements will not only provide clarity, but also increase safety for all motorists who utilize this thoroughfare,"  said Senator Klein. "My office will continue to monitor this location and work with our partners in the community to ensure commuter and pedestrian safety.”

 “If this comes to pass, we are overjoyed and appreciative of the Senator’s efforts” said Marcia Pavlicka “This plan provides for both the safety of passing motorists as well as the residents of our community.”
The changes in the roadway will be occurring over the next several months and should be completed by Spring 2012.

If you are a resident of the 34th Senatorial District and have a transportation related issue, feel free to contact Senator Klein’s Office at(718)822-2049 or jdklein@nysenate.gov .