Klein Statement On Supreme Court Strike Down Of Pataki Civil Confinement Plans

Jeffrey D. Klein

November 16, 2005

Bronx, NY—In response to a State Supreme Court ruling issued late yesterday by a Manhattan Judge declaring illegal Governor Pataki's action in extending the state's involuntary commitment law—normally used for the mentally ill—to sexual predators, State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) released the following statement:

While the Governor was misguided in his attempt to shoehorn sex offenders into state psychiatric hospitals using an involuntary commitment law designed for the dangerously mentally ill, this case is yet another illustration of the fact the New York State has no effective solution for dealing with sex offenders who have completed their prison sentences but are too dangerous to release onto our streets and into our neighborhoods.

This ruling demonstrates, once again, why New York State needs to pass a Sex Offender Civil Commitment Law now, before more dangerous sex offenders are set loose and more New Yorkers are put in danger. With all other options exhausted the Speaker simply must call the Assembly back to Albany to allow this important legislation an immediate floor vote.

Senator Klein voted for the civil commitment legislation that passed the Senate earlier this year and in July—just weeks after a White Plains woman was murdered in the Galleria Mall by a registered Level 3 sex offender—Klein held a hearing on the issue in Bronxville to educate the public urge the passage of civil commitment legislation.