Klein: Time's Up On Over 800 Additional Statewide Rapes - More Than 2300 Cases Can Never Be Prosecuted

Jeffrey D. Klein

June 18, 2006

Advances in forensic science and the expansion of DNA databases around the nation have made it possible to identify rapists many years after their crimes are committed, but the information often proves fruitless because New York's statute of limitations prevents most criminal rape prosecutions after as little as five years.

Legislation has been passed in each house eliminating the statute of limitations on class B felony sex crimes including first-degree rape, but Assembly insistence on tying the issue to a broad expansion of civil liability has jeopardized chances for a legislative compromise.

State rapes that cannot be prosecuted.

New York's criminal statute of limitations for rape has gained the support of NOW, the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the New City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, police and prosecutors.

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