Senator David J. Valesky & IDC Leader Jeff Klein 
release policy report “Made by New Yorkers: A Plan for a Working New York” and unveil plans to retain and attract manufacturing

SYRACUSE, N.Y. ‐ State Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida) and Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester), joined by workers from local manufacturing companies, today released a policy report, “Made by New Yorkers: A Plan for a Working New York,” detailing a comprehensive plan to incentivize manufacturing businesses to stay in New York through property tax credits, a branding campaign, Buy American provisions and the expansion of a successful apprenticeship program launched in Central New York. 

“The vitality of our small and medium-sized manufacturers, those firms that make great products and employ scores of New Yorkers, need our help before they become a relic of this state. Our Made by New Yorkers plan incentivizes manufacturers to do business here and keep our hard workers employed,” said Senator Valesky. 

“Since the peak of the recession in 2008 we have seen a steady decrease in the unemployment rate, however there are still areas across the state that have not fully recovered. The closing of manufacturing businesses has been a great loss and has made finding employment difficult for many. Our Made by New Yorkers plan will help bring jobs back to the state and ensure that those already here have no reason to leave,” said Senator Klein. 

Nationally, 50,000 factories have shuttered since 2000, and in New York manufacturing jobs continue to dwindle each year. Between December 2015 and 2016, the state lost 9,900 jobs in the industry. The Independent Democratic Conference’s multi-pronged Made by New Yorkers plan is designed to address concerns facing manufacturing firms and spur business in the state. 

Regionally, Central New York lost 400 manufacturing jobs in a year. Some regions fared far worse, with jobs in this sector dwindling in excess of 1,000. 

Key elements of the Made by New Yorkers package to address these issues include: 

●        Providing manufacturing firms with a 100 percent property tax rebate. Currently, these firms receive a 20 percent rebate. 

●        Expanding the current New York State Manufacturers Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (NYSMIAP), launched in Central New York, to the Finger Lakes, the Hudson Valley and the Capital regions. NYSMIAP launched last year in Central New York to eliminate the red tape and bureaucratic hurdles manufacturer’s face when setting up apprenticeship programs with the state. Now. the Manufacturers’ Association of New York acts as a liaison between the businesses and the state reducing the costs of starting up these crucial training programs. 

●        Implementing a Buy American provision when buying manufactured products for New York State contracts, such as the Made in America Ratings System, as long as it does not increase the price by more than 20 percent.

●        Creating a “Made by New Yorkers” label for products made in New York State. 

The “Made by New Yorkers” plan was announced at the Crucible Industries Employee Training Center, in a press conference attended by local business leaders and labor representatives. 

“We thank Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein, Sen. David Valesky and the rest of the IDC for their commitment to “Buy American” and for recognizing this initiative provides a clear path to job creation. Our hard-earned tax dollars, as well as our jobs, should not be sent overseas, particularly when we have the best skilled workers in the world ready to do the job. With Buy American, we will be creating good manufacturing jobs and strengthening local economies, including right here at home in New York,” said Mario Cilento President of the New York State AFL-CIO. 

“MACNY is working with manufacturers to grow our own workforce from within through registered apprenticeship. Over 30 companies have already joined with us to begin the process. Our Manufacturers Alliance partners are eager to utilize the model MACNY has developed in their regions of the state.  Thanks to the leadership and support of the IDC, we can and will build a high quality skilled workforce,” said Randy Wolken, President and CEO of MACNY. 

“JMA wireless supports the Independent Democratic Conference’s proposal to encourage the growth of manufacturing in New York State through the branding of New York and American made products. Businesses like ours want to stay and grow in the Central New York region and initiatives like this will help achieve that goal,” said Warren Davis, JMA Wireless Vice President of Human Resources.