Morris Park Gets Blitzed

Jeffrey D. Klein

June 15, 2007

snubbed the community’s appeal for an explanation.

Bronx, yet is only the seventh most populated precinct in the borough.

On average, Morris Park residents receive 10,000 tickets per month. The community is rivaled by only the 43 precinct which has almost identical numbers, and the 52nd precinct which wrote 37,550 tickets over the course of three months (Jan-March). The neighborhood receives 153% more total tickets than the average precinct.

In response, Senator Klein set up a meeting at the Morris Park Community Association with David Lindsay, the Bronx Traffic Manager for the New York City Department of Traffic Parking Enforcement who then failed to attend, or offer an explanation for his absence despite repeated calls from the Senator and his staff.

New York’s Finest,” said Senator Klein.

“The Morris Park Community Association appreciates Senator Klein’s quick response to our complaints. However, it is unfathomable that the New York City Department of Traffic Parking Enforcement would flout the rules of basic courtesy. We are surprised and deeply disappointed,” added Frank Agovino, President of the Morris Park Community Association.

“We are law abiding citizens, and we don’t contest an honest ticket, but the numbers are staggering and I don’t think that a tenth of the population is in regular violation of the law. All we wanted was an explanation, and the New York City Department of Traffic Parking Enforcement’s rude response is very discouraging,” added Danny Cestero a Morris Park native.

In October of 2006 Robert Ruggiero, owner of F. Ruggiero & Sons, watched as an entire funeral procession was ticketed:

“This is not a night club or a disco. These are people who are very upset at a time of deep emotional distress,” said Mr. Ruggiero, “it is unconscionable that the Parking Commissioner would act without respect to circumstance. I am losing business because of these outrageous policies; something needs to change.”

Van Nest Ave in the midst of a funeral.